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Welcome to the EWAM's Homelink Program! Homework assignments and downloadable files are posted below. Students should check this page to get their assignments for the next session and parents can check-out this page to learn more about what their students are learning and practicing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is not always up-to-date so always check your email for updated assignments and information.

Homework, Downloadable Files


November 13, 2011

Through page 19 of the EE book. (Down-up stroke)


November 5, 2011

Guitar class: through page 15 # 30.

Beg. Band Class: through #26

K-2 Orchestra: Boil em Cabbage down, (PP variation, and RBBB variation)

3-6 Orchestra: Boil em Cabbage down, (PP, RBBB, and Blueberry Raspberry variations)
Battle of the Ancient Dragons


October 23, 2011

K-2 Orchestra: Boil em Cabbage Down

3-6 Orchestra: Boil em Cabbage Down, Battle of the Ancient Dragon

Band: through # 14 (first 5 notes)


October 20, 2011

Beg. Guitar class:
Review G, and D7 chords - page 11
Go over page 13, single notes B, C, D for next week.


September 28, 2011

Beg. Guitar: Through page 5 in the EE book.

K-2 Orchestra: Practice how to hold the violin, and bow hold -

3-6 Orchestra: Practice Lightly Row (old students) and Battle of the Ancient Dragon
--> New students: practice how to hold violin, and bow (don't forget your shoulder rests, violin students)

Beg. Band: Practice how to produce first note (concert F)

May 9, 2011

Perpetual Motion, EE 54-60

Battle Creek March (whole song)
EE 77, and 91

Guitar Class:
Tthrough page 32

April 17, 2011

E flat major scale, Battle Creek March (rest of the piece)

new students: fingerings for Twinkle
older students: perpetual motion, and twinkle harmonies

Memorize words to America the Beautiful

Em , CM, GM chords

March 23, 2011 Orchestra:
new students: fingerings and bowings for all variations for Twinkle

Old students: Perpetual Motion, harmonies to Perpetual Motion

Learn words to America the Beautiful, part of Baloo, Baloo

Know notes and chords through "This Land is your land, This land is my land".

March 1, 2011

Beginners and Intermediate Students
- B Flat Major Scale PP rhythm
- Battle Creek March (1st 24 measures)
_ New students keep working on the first 5 notes (EE thru 10)

Intermediate Students:
Flute: Eine Kleine Nacht

February 22, 2011

Band: Beg. band players review the first 5 notes-
Intermediate Band players:
B flat Major Scale, EE 64 and flutes EE 185

Orchestra:Intermediate players: Perpetual Motion, and harmonies to Twinkle

Beginning players: practice bowing on open A and third finger D on the A string (violins), (4th finger D on the A string) (Cellos)

Guitar: through EE page 9 - bottom of the page

Choir: Harmonies to America the Beautiful


February 10, 2011

Beg. Orchestra Class:
Twinkle variations: older students - newer harmonies

New students: practice bow holds (view bow holds files here: cello bow holds, violin bow holds) and Pepperoni Pizza rhythm on open A and rubber, baby, buggy, bumpers

Beg. Band Class:
New students: first 6 exercises
Old Students EE 60, 61 Eine Kleine Nacht Musik
B Flat Major Scale

Beg. Guitar Class:
know G7 and C chords: song: He's got the whole world in his hands-

February 5, 2011

Guitar class: Make sure to purchase Essential Elements Bk. 1 for the Guitar (look at pages 4 and 5) review tuning and C and G7 chord as stated in book.

Choir class: Make sure to purchase Essential Elements for Young Choir: treble, Bk. 1 - review pronunciations and looo for America the Beautiful - opening


January 31, 2011

All students need Essential Elements Bk. for their respective band instrument by next week's class along with the instrument of their choice:
flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion (snare drum and keyboard percussion) (electric bass guitar).

Older band students review Alouette EE 60 and 61.

Orchestra class:
review how to hold instrument with left hand. All students should have the Essential Elements Bk. 1 for their respective instrument by next week.

Older students can review Twinkle Variations (violin students look at violin 2 and violin 3 parts for next week.) --> Click Here to get the music.

January 10, 2011

K-2 orchestra: Twinkle variations, through EE 19

3-6 orchestra: English Folk Song, French Folk Son, Lightly Row


December 1, 2010

Intermediate Band Class
Ppractice for Music and Arts Night: Ode to Joy, Jingle Bell in the Essential Elements book.


November 11-17, 2010

HomeLink K-2 orchestra

EE 10-15
Twinkle Variations

October 9, 2010

Advanced Orchestra: Beautiful Skies

Beginning 3-6 Orchestra: Boil 'em Cabbage Down

October 7, 2010 ALL HOMELINK CLASSES: Twinkle Variations

May 11, 2010

Percussion class:
Can – Can
EE 52-60

Band Class:
All of Aunt Rhodies’ Diet
EE 34-36

Orchestra 3-6
Cripple Creek –
Practice solos
EE 108-109

Orchestra K-2
Twinkle variations
EE 102


May 4, 2010

Percussion Class
Can Can –
EE 47-51 Flam Taps

Band Class:
Aunt Rhodie
Ee 34-35

Orchestra K-2:
 Twinkle variations
EE101, 102

Orchestra 3-6
Cripple Creek –
EE 106 -107


April 28, 2010

Can, Can (snare and keyboard percussion)
Band - All of Aunt Rhodie's Diet

Orchestra 3-6
Cripple Creek Part B, EE 103-105

K-2 Orchestra
Twinkle all variations


April 20, 2010

Percussion Class:
EE 39- 45 and Can Can

Band Class:

Aunt Rhody, Funeral March, Mary had a little lamb, French folk song
EE 32 –34

Orchestra Class: 3-6

Cripple Creek Part A
B - first 4 measures
Review 43 Know all note names for 43
Look at 102

Orchestra Class: K-2
EE 99, 101
Twinkle variations


April 14, 2010

EE 32-38 on both keyboard percussion and snare drum, learn rest of keyboard parts for Can Can

Band Class:
Know all notes, fingerings, rhythms for new Aunt Rhodie piece: Funeral March
EE 30 -32 (Playing quiz on 32 next week).

Orchestra 3-6
Cripple Creek - know all of part A
Have students warm-up on Cripple Creek

Orchestra K-2
Work on three variations of Twinkles
EE 97 and 99 - know all fingerings, notes and rhythms


November 8, 2009

Grades K-2: Practice the first part of Twinkle (we learned in class) and EE 24-26.

Practice your twinkles with one foot, in circles.

Grades 3-6: Practice the Twinkle, Twinkle song with Pepperoni Pizza Variation, and Rubber Baby Buggee Bumper Variation.

Go over the EE exercises done in class on Tuesday.

(Parents: students are being taught a method by Moshe Rosen, Suzuki Teacher from Isreal where students are encouraged to use kinesthetic movement to learn a passage of difficult music.)


Downloadable Music Files
(To download, right-click the files below and click "Save As." You may need to install additional software such as a media player to hear these files. You will also need speakers attached to your computer.)

April 28, 2010

Twinkle (for K-12 Orchestra)


November 8, 2009

Allegro in G by Vivaldi (MP3)
Danza Final by Ginastera (MP3)




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